Robin-SunsetRobin Macklepenny lives in a quiet neighborhood in Oklahoma City with her fiancée Jaqui, three daughters, a son, three dogs, two cats, and two hermit crabs.  She is a feminist, a supporter of LGBTQ causes, a writer, an aspiring novelist, a Silicon Valley software engineer, a decent cook, a poor seamstress, and -- thanks to Jaqui’s tireless efforts -- a snappy dresser. 

Throughout her life, Robin knew that her body and society’s expectations did not coincide.  She was born with male parts and declared a boy at birth, but as her mind and personality developed, she felt more and more a misfit.  After a difficult childhood, Robin attended the University of Oklahoma, where her world expanded greatly.  She became active in LGBT groups and held an office in the Norman branch of the Oklahoma Bisexual Alliance.  Still, she was closeted to her family (and as a trans woman, to herself). Robin is also co-founder of a polyamory support group in the Oklahoma City area,which, through the tireless efforts and advocacy of other members, survives to this day as “Poly on the Plains”. 

After a failed marriage, and failed efforts in other polyamorous relationships, Robin met Jaqui, and found in her a partner who sees her for the woman she is within, patiently giving her room sort that knowledge out for herself. Robin has learned that where she would fight for the rights of others, she had the right to fight for herself, too. Having feared being labeled a freak and a monster, because of her terrible secret, she has instead found true freedom. Coming out to her daughters, her mother and eventually her father’s side of the family, Robin has has been met with acceptance by the very people she thought most likely to scorn her.

Robin is now actively planning a new career and a retirement.  She earns a wonderful salary working with a Silicon Valley company, remotely from her home in Oklahoma. She is writing a novel, plans to finish an interesting electronic invention she’s been cooking up for years, and finds herself enjoying life, no matter how many hassles come her way. With wedding plans underway, she is preparing to have her gender legally changed to female, and to marry Jaqui, the woman in her life, who truly saw and understood her from the beginning.

Robin’s mission in life is to help people accept themselves for who they are inside and to give them the encouragement they need to show themselves to the world.  In addition to writing for,Robin has a private blog, where she shares stories about her transition and current experiences at Despite a long and painful road, she is extremely happy with her life and is looking forward to a bright, long future of relationships, love, and artistic endeavors.