Penelope Connor

Pen(elope) Connor is an ink stained, messy, poet girl, alarmed by her proximity to the half-century mark, actively poly since 2008, with full knowledge and support of all involved. With experience in V and triad relationships, hierarchical and non-hierarchical configurations, she has had plenty of opportunity to make mistakes, learn from them, and still make others.

She is admin to the Tulsa Area Poly private FB group, and co-admin to the OK Poly Network FB group. She hosts a monthly poly potluck discussion, and has been working to build a polyamory friendly community in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area since 2011.  A long time blogger in various forms, she’s written about her journey into ethical non-monogamy for four years, and is currently working on a book.

She currently shares her life with three lovers, via frequent-flyer miles, long drives, love letters and texted poetry. Her google calendar is full, but in her free time, she writes short-fiction, hosts a book club, dabbles in photography and writes old fashioned letters to penpals around the world. She is addicted to vocabulary, and has embarrassing penmanship.

You can send questions to the Ask Pen column at, and find her on twitter @PenConnor, or on her site: